Out of the  95,000 POST-WWII, US OCCUPATION BABIES born in Germany shortly after WWII, there were approximately 5000 of us, POST WWII MIXED-RACE, Afro-German children, so-called Negro mulatto babies, better known as GERMAN ‘BROWN BABIES’. Born to German women and African-American soldiers, the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) deemed that we formed a SPECIAL GROUP, PRESENTING A HUMAN AND RACIAL PROBLEM OF A SPECIAL NATURE.

Our national and cultural heritage [and perhaps even our RELIGIOUS BIRTHRIGHT] were seen to be in direct contrast to our skin color. Many of us were put in German foster care, orphanages, or adopted by German, African American military, and US civilian families. Learn more about Post-WWII Afro-German Children at BGCS


Excerpt from Essay: My Soul Has Found Its Home:

“Some years ago, while attending a multiracial Jewish retreat, I shared my experiences as a Jewish woman of color. I explained that I had wonderful friends who invited me to Jewish events, but having grown tired of looking into cold, unfriendly faces and treated as an intruder, I was often reluctant to go. I was then asked a question: “Given the negative experiences you‘ve had in the Jewish community, why do you stay?”

“I smiled with the realization that after sharing the personal details of my life, she did not understand that unlike my mutti, who out of fear and perhaps even shame, felt the need to hide being a Jew, I cherished my Jewish heritage. She had not learned from my story that I could no more turn my back on being Jewish than she could.  

“When I walk into my synagogue, and the service begins, a sense of peace comes over me. When my voice blends with my choirmates and the entire congregation sways and sings Avinu Malkenu moving us all to tears, a sense of belonging envelopes me. I finally know who I am and where I belong. I told the person, leaving is not an option; my soul has found its home.”

Ich bin…

A German Jewish ‘Brown Baby’

A Survivor

Ich Liebe…

Meine Familie und Freunde
Klal Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael
Creating stain glass art
Dancing, Passionate about Raqs Sharqi
Reading, Historical Romance Novels by Beverly Jenkins and Bertrice Smalls, Tananarive Due’s African Immortal Series, Octavia Butler, Rabbi Harold Kushner-Inspirational and list goes on!
Cooking, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean
Baking, (I’m so good)
Foreign and Independent films, Documentaries, Happy tear jerkers
Music, All genres. Big fan of Middle Eastern music (best for Raq Sharqi) Big Jazz Vocalist fan: Ella, Carmen, Betty Carter, Lorez, Nancy, Dinah, Sarah, the list goes on.
Traveling! “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

A former president of the Jewish Multiracial Network (JMN)
Founding President of the Black German Cultural Society, Inc (BGCS)

I love being at the ocean, smelling the ocean air, hearing the seagulls and watching the ebb and flow of the waves. Best of all, I love watching the sun set over the ocean, and preferably with mein Mann. 

(Notice I didn’t say anything about getting “in” the ocean. I’m a pool person)



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