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MaNishtana & SwirlGirl: A Dynamic Couple


MaNishtana is a blogger, screenwriter, and filmmaker who is trying to use his work to make the world—both Jewish and secular—a better place for Jews of Color (or “JOCs”). While he doesn’t think he’s nearly active or influential enough to claim the title of Jew of Color “activist”, he proudly declares himself a JOC “advocate”.

Born into an Orthodox African-American Jewish family, MaNishtana’s traceable familial ties to Judaism reach back a span of almost two centuries—all the while remaining African-American. His unique, humorous, and often irreverent outlook on Judaism, race politics, and racial issues within Judaism and without—illustrated through his blogs and videos—have gained popularity through mentions by blogger Aliza Hausman, the Bechol Lashon, Jews In ALL Hues and Jewish Multiracial Network organizations, The New York Times, The Jerusalem Report, Moment Magazine,, and have led to speaking engagements for A Taste of Limmud NY and Birthright Israel NEXT, as well as gaining him a 2010 nomination for Jewish Hero of the Year.

However, despite the popularity his blunt declarations garner, MaNishtana eagerly looks forward to the day when he has nothing left to say…

Swirl World Magazine by SwirlGirl

The purpose of Swirl World Magazine is to form a supportive and informative community for the members of mixed-race families in America. It exists to aid in the identity formation and acceptance of children, teens, and young adults. We aim to convey the message that choosing to acknowledge both or all of a person’s races, ethnicities and cultures is not only okay, but wonderful. Swirl World Magazine is here to help parents struggling to understand their child’s outlook on life, as well as those struggling to acknowledge society’s outlook on their child as fundamentally different than society’s outlook on themselves.

MochaJuden’s Wedding Anniversary – July 14th

Our Wedding Anniversary Ketubah ~ MP Artworks

Intertwined by Claire Carter
Two are stronger than one, but how much stronger when God, the third strand, weaves the two together. Day and night are intertwined visually with the three strands, representing the joining of a couple in marriage. The concept is taken from one of the artist’s favorite verses in the book of Ecclesiastes.

On the first day of the week, the fifteenth day of the month of Tammuz, in the year 5733, corresponding to the fourteenth day of the month of July in the year 1973, the holy covenant of marriage was entered into between the groom and the bride. Thirty eight years ago on this day, we joined our lives in marriage. We promised to cherish and honor each other with faithfulness and integrity as is customary among the sons and daughters of Abraham. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to each other as beloveds and partners in marriage. We continue to strive to be sensitive to each other’s needs, to be open and understanding with each other, and to share our thoughts, our feelings, and our experiences with each other. We renew our promise to try always to bring out the qualities of forgiveness, compassion, and integrity in ourselves and in each other. We continue to cherish each other’s uniqueness. We continue to share in life’s joys and remain steadfast and comfort each other through life’s sorrows. May we forever continue through life’s journey beside each other, our hearts still filled with love, respect, and admiration, as they were so many years ago. May our caring for each other grow deeper; may our love for each other grow stronger. May our home be filled with hope, peace, and love as it has been for all these years we have shared together. May we share just as many more.

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