Shabbat and Holiday Serigraphs

These beautiful serigraphs, personally signed and numbered by the artist will breathe new life into your personal space, home, synagogue/ temple, and/ or office!

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Limited Edition: Applies to artworks produced in a deliberately limited quantity. Each item in the edition is identical and is an original work of art. The limited size of the edition can enhance the value of each piece.

She Blew the Shofar
Limited Edition of 160
Image Dimensions: 21.5″H, 21.5″W
Overall Dimensions: 26.5″H, 26″W

Shabbat & Holiday Serigraphs

The Time of Our Joy – Sukkot
Limited Edition of 175
Image Dimensions: 20.5″H, 20.75″W
Dimensions: 26.25″H, 25.25″W”
The Seder Table
Edition of 180
Image Dimensions:  20.5″H, 20.5″W
Overall Dimensions:  25.75″H, 25″W
The Blessing
Limited Edition of 175
Image Dimensions: 21 ½”H x 15 ½“W
Overall Dimensions: 25 ¼”H  x 19 ½“W
Purim Dance
Limited Edition of 165
Image Dimensions:  20.5″H, 20.75″W
Overall Dimensions:  26″H, 25.75″W
The Family at Hanukkah
Limited Edition of 180
Image Dimensions: 7 ½”H x 7½”W
Overall Dimensions: 11”H x 11”W
My Grandmother’s Hands – The Wedding
Limited Edition of 175
Image Dimensions: 7 5/8″H x 7 5/8″W
Overall Dimensions: 11 ¼”H x 11”W
Limited Edition of 165
Image Dimensions: 7 3/4″H x 7 5/8″W
Overall Dimensions: 12”H x 12 ¼ “W

The Serigraph Process

Lynne’s works are about the Jewish holidays but they are also about family, unity, and diversity. She grew up on Manhattan’s upper west side and began her formal art training at the age of 12 at the Art Students League of New York and continued to study drawing and painting there for the next 15 years. She attended New York University and Empire State College and received a master’s in art education from Columbia University. Lynne’s works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces around the country. 

Artist Lynne Feldman
”I think of each work of art as a puzzle that has never been solved before. My task is to find the perfect way to put it all together.”

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