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Olam echad, Hashem echad, ha’am echad” (One world, one God, one people)

“Ani Yehudi”, I am a Jew.
Artwork & products by Yosef’s Dreams/ Zazzle


Who Are These Jews?

There were women who sat in the market
selling beets and cabbages so their men could study:
They were Jews.

There were men of Yemen, great swordsmen,
guards of the king: they were Jews.

There are dark women of India, wearing saris,
Black farmers from Ethiopia, Children with slanted eyes:
All Jews.

There are dressmakers and sculptors, thieves
and philanthropists, scholars and nurses,
beggars and generals.

There are women who follow every rule of Kashrut and
men who know none of the rules, yet all of us are Jews.

Though we are not alike in mind or body,
somewhere in the depths of our souls
we know we are the children of one people.

We share history, a hope, and some prayers:
We speak many languages:
We have heard one Voice:

All of us stood together at Sinai
When our past and our future
Exploded in thunder and flame before us.

Faces of Israel

All over the world, Am Yisrael Chai,
All over the world, Am Yisrael Chai,
All over the world, is where we live
and Israel lives in every Jewish heart.
From North and South and East and
West to you we say Shalom, yet
always we know Israel is our home
away from home.









Ethiopian Jews in Israel – Jet Magazine Mar 31, 1955
Ethiopian jews israel-jet-magazine-mar-31-1955Photo courtesy of Vieilles_annonces of Flickr

For 1500 years, Beta Israel held onto their Jewish traditions in Ethiopia, praying on the Sigd holiday to one day return to Jerusalem.

Tzvat (Safed) is one of the oldest towns in Israel, situated on mountain tops in the Upper Gallile, since the era of the 2nd Temple. It the center for Kabbalah scholars.

The history of the exile of the lost tribe of Menashe dates back over 2500 years. Hundreds of descendants believe they have found their ancient home in Samaria.
“He (Menashe) also will become a people, and he also will be great. However, his younger brother (Ephraim) will be greater than he, and his descendants (B’nei Efrayim) will become a multitude of nations. He blessed them that day, saying, ‘In you will Israel bless, saying, ‘G-d make you as Ephraim and as Menashe.’ He set Ephraim before Menashe” (Bereishit 48:19-20).


Israelis Wear Loks

Just near the Carmel Market on the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian walk. Arts & Crafts Fair on Tuesdays and Fridays when the artists themselves are offering their creations. Chantal, Nahalat Binymin Art & Crafts Fair. Tel Aviv


Hanging Hand painted Glass by Chantal


Ethiopian jews israel-jet-magazine-mar-31-1955
Photo courtesy of Vieilles_annonces of Flickr

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