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2Cover by Art Spiegelman

Two Jews in Love. Can you handle it? Come to terms with your own inner truths.

Excerpt from: ‘Funny He Doesn’t Look Jewish’ by Joshua Hammerman, The Jewish Week

“…The great Baha’i prophet, the Baha’ullah (1817-1892), called racism the greatest challenge to global unity. Jews should be champions of this ideal. Long before the Baha’ullah walked this earth, Jews were the world’s greatest conduit of multiculturalism. While Christians and Muslims spent most of the Middle Ages constantly building fences and re-drawing borders, Jews were constantly traversing them, carrying the best that every culture could offer.

Baha’i followers view interracial marriage as the ideal relationship. Until all too recently, many Jews considered such matches a shandeh (disgrace), even when both spouses were Jewish. Part of that is attributable to a legitimate concern that children of such marriages would be subjected to ridicule on the playground. But part of it is outright racism.”


Loving Day is named after Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage in the USA. It’s a project that connects the multicultural community.

Mr. and Mrs. Loving were a real couple who fought for their right to marry regardless of race.

Mr. and Mrs. Loving

Mr. and Mrs. Loving

Loving Day fights racial prejudice through education and builds multicultural community.

United Colors of Judaism
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