G’mar Chatimah Tovah ~ May you be sealed for a good year in the Book of Life!

Eyal Bitton sings the beautiful & ancient Moroccan version of Kol Nidrei in a modern style.


Kol Nidrei, All vows,’ the opening words of the declaration, largely in Aramaic, at the beginning of the evening service on Yom Kippur in which all vows that will be uttered in the coming year are declared null and void. The declaration is restricted to those vows between man and G-d alone. According to Jewish doctrine, the sole purpose of this prayer is to give protection from divine punishment in case of violation of the vow. No vow, promise, or oath that concerns another person, a court of justice, or a community is implied in Kol Nidrei.

Listen to: Days of Awe: An Idelsohn Society High Holidays 2010 Mixtape, and the release of Black Sabbath, the first compilation ever to showcase legendary African-American artists singing Jewish songs.

Yom Kippur is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The observance is also known as the Day of Atonement since the events of Yom Kippur focus on asking and granting forgiveness for one’s transgressions. Yom Kippur falls at the end of the ten Days of Penitence which begin with Rosh Hashanah, the Day of Judgment. Prayers which emphasize cleansing of the soul are recited during the day services. Congregants mourning family members who died in the past year recite Yizkor prayers in which God’s forgiveness is asked for the deceased. The services ends with the blowing of the tekiah gedolah, a long blast on the Shofar and the congregation proclaims…

“Next Year Jerusalem!”

All over the world, am Yisrael chai,
All over the world, am Yisrael chai.
All over the world is where we live
And Israel lives in every Jewish heart.
From North and South and East and West to you we say “shalom.”
Yet always we know Israel is our home away from home.

May All Of Us Be Listened To & Embraced & Welcomed & Supported – In the coming year.

L’shana Tova!

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